Michelle Henry, artistically known as Micha Darling is a contemporary abstract artist and designer living in Los Angeles. Henry's focus is on abstract paintings and mixed media collages, cultivating her own language of “textural dexterity” with amorphous, energetic shapes and color relationships.

 Michelle studied in London and Los Angeles where she honed her love of contemporary art and design. Painting was a love early on. Textural strokes and vibrant color stories are an integral part of the abstract language Michelle translates in her collage work and paintings. Her focus is on textural dexterity married with circular motion. She sells her work to private collectors and customers in California and abroad independently. Ever the nomad, Michelle paints in “good vibes and energy rich spaces” all over California, forgoing a traditional studio space and choosing creative spaces to work in that speak to her.

“My work is a study of textural dexterity and cartographic abstractions. I'm seeking to cultivate a language of emotional freedom told with color. I'm painting cartographic abstractions of memories and feelings via remote viewing. Color speaks in volumes of emotion where words fail.